The fields are coming to the end of their season after a full month of August. We got to play among the yellow, red, and the few white sunflowers as the summer starts to change into fall, and the golden sunlight filtered through the yellow petals dusted everything in a shimmery sunny hue. Jet and Minka gave me a gorgeous session in the sunflower fields, and we had a bit of an adventure with it, too! 

We got to pick sunflowers and we found trails to follow through the field, using our expert survival skills to make our way through a forest of flowers and stems until we found the perfect picture spot.  

The kids dressed in their Sunday best, Minka donning a pale pink dress and Jet wearing a brilliant pink button-down. As always, their best accessory was the happy smiles they wore as we made our way through old and young sunflowers. Walking through a field of sunflowers can be a little bit eerie, because they all face the exact same direction, towards the rising sun, but Jet and Minka had no reservations running and playing and picking the younger flowers as we dashed through the fields. If they wanted a bigger sunflower, they would’ve had to practically saw through the stems, but the little ones made for the perfect hair accessories. 

Thank you, Jet and Minka, for giving me a last taste of summer fun and sunflower fields as the summer turns into fall. I can’t wait until we get to go look for trail’s in the changing orange and red leaves of Ohio’s autumn, and I hope I get to see you through all the seasons. Keep looking towards the sun, and I hope to see you soon.

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