It was so nice to photograph the Jacob family, with Peter and Ellie and of course sweet Izzy. We went to Miller Park to laugh and play and chase each other around, and with the leaves in full autumn colors, it was a gorgeous evening. Ellie, you were SO cute twirling around in your little dress! I couldn’t get enough! Even though the air was turning a little bit cold, you guys did a phenomenal job of keeping my heart warm. 

We started at Miller Park in the early evening. It was quiet except for the squirrels digging around. We took pictures of everyone sitting down and smiling and hugging each other, and it was really, really nice to have a moment of peace among all of the chaos of the world around us. There’s nothing that beats going to park with a dog and some blankets and being together like a family. 

When we took the porch pictures, I was blessed to see how much of a family you are. Thank you for letting me into your space, and letting me capture the love that all of you share with each other. Most days, your porch is simply a porch, but when I was around the Jacobs, I could feel the history. The days of watching the kids go to school, letting Izzy outside for a second, and the entryway into your family’s heart. 

I hope that I did a good job of capturing how beautiful that is, and I sincerely hope I get the opportunity to work with this family again. Until then, keep twirling and tickling and laughing and loving. The world needs it right now.

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