Congratulations on finishing high school, Abbie! I know that it’s no small accomplishment, especially between the usual senior chaos of trying to apply for universities and colleges, trying to navigate between friendships, and trying to finish all your homework….

AND a global pandemic completely throwing everything off the rails. Seriously, what you accomplished and what you did is super impressive, and you should feel so, so proud of yourself. I’m so glad you chose to include me in this momentous occasion! 

And I’m glad that I’m not the only one celebrating your accomplishments, either. It was so nice to meet your friends and mom and joke around between shots. The Inniswoods Metro Garden is an easy place to shoot at, but with your contagious smile and your friends messing around, it was almost like a break for me. And it warms my heart to see you so close to your friends and parents. Those relationships are incredibly important and powerful, and believe me when I say, as long as you have such amazing people on your side, whatever you choose to do is going to end up in your favor. I mean — you already graduated during a pandemic. What could possibly stop you from achieving your dreams now? 

I can’t wait to see what dreams you end up chasing. Whatever you do, it will be historic, and I’m so happy to have had a part to play in your story. I hope to hear from you again when you graduate so I can say, “I told you so!” about your amazing path. Until then, stay smiling. 

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