Welcome to the world, little Trey! It was so nice to meet you and capture some first-time memories with you and your family. I know you might not remember this — especially since you slept most of the time! — but trust me, you’ll appreciate being able to look back at pictures like this when you’re older. (Or you’ll be embarrassed by your parents showing them to all your friends, but hopefully the gratitude will outweigh the embarrassment). Since you won’t remember this, let me tell you a little bit about what we did today: 

We took a LOT of pictures with you and your mom and your dad. Your parents are completely over the moon for you, and every time they looked at you my heart got so, so full. You, Trey, slept almost the entire time. You got a little fussy at one point, but it was so cute that it was more endearing than anything else.

 And, don’t worry, little one; we all have our fussy moments at one time or another. We bundled you up safe and sound away from the chilly Ohio cold and your parents held you close while you slept. If you remember nothing else, I hope you remember how much they love you. 

And I’m sure they’re going to continue to love you throughout your entire life. This is just the beginning; you have so much adventure and excitement and love and fun waiting for you in this life that you’re starting. Sometimes life will be hard, and you’ll get a little fussy, but you have so many people around you willing to hold you tight and keep you safe. I hope that I get to see some of the amazing adventures that you get to go on, and document more memories that make you look back and smile. Or that makes you cringe when your parents show your friends. Either way, I can’t wait to see them.

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