Justin, congratulations on graduating in this whirlwind of a year! Many people spent this year with their heads down and waiting for it to end, but you managed to complete one of the most major milestones of your life in spite of a pandemic and an uncertain future. That’s something to celebrate!

 I’m so honored that you chose to include me in this moment and I can’t wait to hear how your adventure at The Ohio State University Newark goes. You are so ready to tackle business!!!

We took pictures in downtown Columbus during the sunset; the sunlight reflecting off the buildings that you’ll own one day seemed fitting for the occasion, and of course, sitting with fancy cars and spending time with your mom made for a very fun shoot! You have a lot to look forward to, Justin, and a lot to be grateful for in the present.

Put your hopes in the future and your gratitude for the present in your pockets and carry them with you — these times are stressful, and it’s easy to feel lost and hopeless, but seeing people like you continue to achieve their goals and make the world a brighter place gives people like me hope that one day things will be back to normal. Maybe even better than they were before if you have anything to say about it. 

I can’t wait to see it. Until then, enjoy this moment, and keep dreaming big. I’ll be cheering you on. 

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