Trinty, you gave your dad the BEST gift for his first father’s day! It was a total surprise for him, but we did the cutest possible photoshoot for you at your house where you wore the three cutest outfits I could ever imagine. You had two adorable pigtails and wore teal and yellow jumpers as well as a plaid dress. Of course, the best part of your outfit was your perfect little smile and your rosy apple cheeks. 

Besides the photoshoot, we gave your dad a bubble party for father’s day and you surprised us by almost taking your first step to catch them! Your laughs and smiles are infectious, Trinity, and I’m sure that your dad is going to remember this photoshoot every Father’s Day from here on it. He’s going to be so proud to see you grow up into a smart, kind, just-as-smiley adult.

Now, I don’t recommend you give him a series of pictures of yourself every year, but for his first Father’s Day, there’s nothing better you could’ve given him than memories he can pick up and carry for even longer than he can pick up and carry you. I know those days seem far away now, but they’ll come sooner than either of you know. 

So celebrate the present and celebrate the time you have with him now. Thank you for including me in this moment of love between you, and I can’t wait to see what you get your dad for next Father’s Day. Until then, take care little one, and I can’t wait to see you next time.

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