Maeve, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this magical moment with you and your family. It felt like we went all over the world with this shoot, starting at Highbanks Metro Park in Columbus at golden hour. The sun framed your beautiful daughter, your handsome husband, and your own radiance on the banks of the river and through the fields as we had a picnic and played chase. It felt more like a day out than a photoshoot! I know you’re very busy right now preparing for the newest addition to your family, so I’m sure everyone appreciated the chance to get out in the sunlight and have some fun. 

Your little Son is going to have the best life imaginable. He has the best BIG sister who is going to keep him SO busy running around and trying to keep up with her. Heck, I’m an adult, and I could barely keep up! She’s going to keep him company through thick and thin, and as time passes, he’ll be able to support her likewise.

 Until they’re old enough for that, though, we know that your son (and daughter!) will have the best superhero team around making sure that they’re kicking butt at everything they do. You and your husband love each other so much, and that love passes so organically and sweetly down to your children, that they’ll start life with phenomenal role models. 

We don’t know how your kids are going to be when they grow up yet, but I know that your daughter is a miracle now, and I have no doubt that your son will be just as fabulous. I hope that you give me the chance to watch them grow up and make some memories of more fun days like this, full of playing and golden sunlight, so that I can be a part of their wonderful stories. Even if it’s not a big part, it’s an honor to bask in the warmth of your family. 

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  • Maeve says:

    It was the most incredible session, Jaime you’re making me tear up! Thank you for everything and can’t wait to have you with us along the parenthood and family journey!

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