We all want to look our best in Photos. It is always a disappointment to feel fabulous and then see a picture That represents less than that. I have five tips guaranteed to help you look as fabulous as you feel!!!

Tip ONE: Include Movement. Walking towards the camera with one leg crossing in-front of the other elongates your limbs. Swishing your hair adds an element of intrigue. Kissing your SO adds an emotion with movement. Giving a slow twirl helps show off your dress.

Tip TWO: What do you do with your hands? Always have your hands doing something. Whether they are touching someone or themselves it gives a sense of completion. When you don’t know what to do with your hands. Lightly touch your legs or arms so they look open an dare not to tight to your body.

Tip THREE: Drop your shoulders. This is common in almost all photos. I remind my clients to take a deep breath and blow out slowly. This automatically relaxes your body. There is nothing worse than looking stiff in images.

Tip FOUR: Turn your body to an angle. This will make you appear slimmer. By just taking your torso and twisting will make any insure areas look amazing!

Tip FIVE: Bring your ears forward. This will eliminate  any double chin. This feels very awkward and I suggest you practice in a mirror. This subtle forward movement will smooth out your jawline.

By trying just one of these 5 tips you will feel more confident having your images taken. They will allow you experiment with your angles and favorite angles so you aren’t caught off guard when you are posing for your next photo. If you want more ideas for posing just comment what you are looking for. I am your hype girl who will make you look and feel fabulous at your next photoshoot in Columbus Ohio.  Book your session!


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