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If you’re expecting a baby, you are likely planning to have newborn photos taken by a professional. But have you considered maternity photos too?

I find that some families are certain they want to document their pregnancy this way, while others haven’t considered it or have reasons why they aren’t sure if it’s right for them.

“Do I really need a bunch of photos of me?”

Here’s the thing. These aren’t just photos of you—these images capture the budding relationship between you and your baby and the “time before” your family adds a member. They are photos that mark the end of an era. In fact, in a lot of ways, they are like the professional engagement photos that you likely took before your wedding. Without getting the “before” of you as a couple, you would have only told half of the story. Maternity photos offer the same sort of gift. 

Why invest in photos when I’m struggling to love my body.”

This one is a toughie. Sometimes is hard to love your pregnant body. You may feel self-conscious about your body or worried about your appearance. This feeling may be amplified if your partner isn’t adept at capturing you from the most flattering angles in your DIY bump photos. 

When you have professional photos taken, I can offer Wardrope suggestions and allow you to borrow dresses from my client closet and guide you into poses that show you in the best light. And since you’ll most likely have your gallery back before you give birth, you can celebrate the beauty of this time and enter the birth experience feeling empowered.

“It’s not my first baby, haven’t we done this all before?”

I only have professional photos of my first pregnancy, but then crazy life took over, and we never got around to it with my second or third pregnancies. It makes me so sad that I didn’t do formal sessions with my second and third.  

Every pregnancy is different, and it’s a major moment of transition for your entire family. Pausing to celebrate the way it is now before everything changes can be the perfect way to mark the moment.

Entering into motherhood and adding new children to your family are some of the most significant transitions you will go through in your life. Your maternity photos will allow you to look back and see the time before each of those changes.  click to book your session today

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