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Columbus, Ohio Portrait Photography
Columbus Ohio family photographer

Joyful, meaningful, and full of fun.

Precious, simple moments — like holding hands and sharing sweet kisses with my family, wet puppy noses, and eating ice cream cones on a hot day as it melts over your hand — these are the moments that inspire and ground me, that remind me to stop, reflect and really appreciate the little gifts that life offers.

As a family photographer in Columbus, Ohio, these are the moments that I am destined to photograph and preserve for you.

Family photographer in Columbus, Ohio

Growing up, family was my world. I have three brothers and together with my parents, we would camp and explore, documenting our experiences with our little film cameras. It helped that my dad was a photographer in the 70’s. Early on, we were introduced to the beauty and nuances of film photography and darkroom development. Together, the natural world was our playground; our focus was on our family.
I bring these same values into my work today - with a focus on relationships and family, all with the backdrop of our beautiful natural surroundings.

Fun Facts:

I studied photography at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Running is my fitness of choice and a serious obsession of mine.

I am also a serious lover of ice cream.

I have three kids.

Donating my services to local charities and organizations throughout the year is one of my core values.

I am proud to be a Columbus, Ohio family photographer (and more!)

About the Photography

columbus ohio family photographer
“I want these moments to become valued memories … and art on your walls.”

I approach every photography

session with this in mind: